Mistral AI releases new model to competes with GPT-4

Mistral AI releases new model to competes with GPT-4 -Latest

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By Vivek Kumar

A Paris-based AI start-up Mistral AI releases new model to competes with GPT-4 –OpenAI as well as anthropic as the latest announcement .The company is planning to launch an all-new large language model dubbed Mistral Large. In terms of reasoning capabilities, it has been built to compete with top-of-the-line models like GPT-4 as well as Claude 2.

Mistral AI releases new model to competes with GPT-4

Additionally to Mistral Large, the startup has also launched its own alternative to ChatGPT by launching a brand new service known as Chat Chat. The chat assistant is currently in beta.

If you’re not aware of Mistral AI, the company is most well-known for its capitalization table, as it raised a huge amount of cash in only a few months to build the foundational AI models. Mistral AI was incorporated in the month of May 2023. Within a couple of weeks of this, Mistral AI raised a $112 million seed round. The company concluded the funding round at $415 million that included Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) leading the round.

Mistral AI was founded by Google alums DeepMind along with Meta, Mistral AI originally set itself up as an AI company with an open source goal. Although the first model of Mistral AI is released with an open source license that allowed access to weights for models however, this is not the case with its more advanced models.

Mistral AI’s model of business is closer and closer to OpenAI’s model of business as the company provides Mistral Large through a paid API that has a usage-based price. It is currently priced at $8 per million input tokens, and $24 per million output tokens to access Mistral Large. In artificial language jargon tokens represent tiny chunks of words, e.g. “AVACLOUDADDA,” for instance “AVACLOUDADDA” will be split into three tokens “AVA” ,”CLOUD” and “ADDA” when processed by an AI model.

As an option, Mistral AI supports context windows with 32k tokens (generally more than 10,000 words for English).. Mistral Large supports English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

To provide an example, GPT-4 having 32k tokens in the context window is currently priced at $65 per million input tokens and $120 for every million output tokens. Thus, Mistral Large is currently 5 to 7.5 times less expensive than GPT-4 32k. Changes are happening rapidly and AI companies are updating their pricing frequently.

How do Mistral Large stack up against GPT-4 and Claude 2? It’s always difficult to judge. Mistral AI claims that it is second in the race in the race behind GPT-4 based on a variety of benchmarks. There could be benchmark cherry-picking, and there could be some differences in actual use. We’ll need to look deeper to find out how it does during our testing.

Mistral AI releases new model to rival GPT-4

Image Credits: Mistral AI

A replacement for ChatGPT

Mistral AI is also launching an online chat service today dubbed Le Chat. Anyone who wants to sign up can test it on chat.mistral.ai. The company claims that it’s a test version for the moment and that it could have “quirks”.

Le Chat is available for free (for right now) and users have the option of choosing from three models namely Mistral Small, Mistral Large and a model that was created to be short and simple known as Mistral Next. It’s also important to know that Le Chat doesn’t have access to the internet when you use it.

The company plans to introduce Le Chat with a premium version Le Chat for enterprise clients. Alongside central billing, clients of enterprises can also define modes of moderation.

A collaboration with Microsoft

In addition Mistral AI is also taking advantage of today’s news release to announce a collaboration with Microsoft. Alongside Mistral’s API technology, Microsoft plans to offer Mistral model models in the Azure customers.

It’s another model that Azure has in its catalog of models, which isn’t a big issue. But, it implies the fact that Mistral AI and Microsoft are discussing collaboration possibilities and perhaps more. One of the benefits of this collaboration will be it means that Mistral AI will likely attract more customers via the brand new channel of distribution.

In the case of Microsoft it is the biggest investor in OpenAI’s capped-profit subsidiary. However, it has also embraced additional AI models for Azure, its cloud-based computing platform. For example, Microsoft and Meta collaborate to offer Llama’s massive model of language on Azure.

This open partnership approach is a great method to keep Azure customers in its ecosystem. It could also be helpful in the event of anticompetitive oversight.


What is mistral ai ?

Mistral Ai is a French artificial-intelligence startup. The company was founded by Timothee Lacroix, Guillaume Lample and Arthur Mensch. They were all former Meta employees. It was launched in April 2023

What is Mistral AI’s new model, Mistral Large, designed to compete with?

Mistral Large is designed to compete with top-of-the-line models such as GPT-4 and Claude 2 in terms of reasoning capabilities.

What other service has Mistral AI launched alongside Mistral Large?

Mistral AI has launched a chat assistant service called Chat Chat, which is currently in beta.

What languages does Mistral Large support?

Mistral Large supports English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.