Google uncovers new accessibility and productivity features

Google uncovers new accessibility and productivity features at MWC

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By Vivek Kumar

Google uncovers new accessibility and productivity features

Google uncovers new accessibility and productivity features

Google uncovers new accessibility and productivity features available for phones cars, wearables, and phones on the eve of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. These include the use of Gemini to create texts, captions generated by AI to images, a summary of texts using AI to Android Auto, and access to passes for Wear OS.

Google’s Gemini implementation of image generation has come under many criticisms. However, that doesn’t stop Google from releasing it differently. Google announced that, starting next week Google Messages will get an option to use Gemini through the application. It is in beta right now and will only support English.

Google has also launched an option for Android Auto that reads out text messages of lengthy length and contextualizes chats in groups. The feature, which was first revealed in the last month, also sends out suggestions for quick replies.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Google will introduce several accessibility-focused features. The first is the Lookout application, which assists visually impaired people to read things such as food labels and documents, and now produces artificial intelligence-powered captions on images with inadequate or incorrect captions and alt-text. This feature is now being made available to all users around the world, with support for English. In the past year, Google updated the Lookout app to include an AI-powered assistant that lets users ask questions regarding photos.

Google is also launching a new screen reader support for Lens in Maps. Users can use their smartphone’s camera in the area and Talkback will provide details about signs and places.

In terms of productivity, Google is extending support for handwritten notes on documents on Android phones and tablets by using the use of a single finger or stylus. There are a variety of stylus styles and colors to highlight specific points within the document.

Furthermore, the company will be offering support for Spotify by introducing an output switcher that appears on the Android home screen. This means that you can continue listening to music or podcasts from one source to another using Spotify. In the past, this feature only worked with YouTube Music.

Google is also updating its Fitbit application to collect data from various sources, including All Trails, Oura Ring, and MyFitnessPal. The app was revamped by the company with a brand-new layout of three tabs in the last year. The Today tab provides information like steps, exercise as well as calories burned, and floors that have been climbed. The “You” tab shows you data from other apps together with Fitbit’s information.

There are some Wear OS-related changes as an announcement too. It is now possible to gain access to Google Wallet passes like boarding tickets for events, passes to the airport gym memberships, loyalty cards right from your watch. In addition, you can obtain directions for public transportation using your voice. In addition, you have the option to mirror directions on the phone, or to get directions using a compass.


Google recently revealed a number of new tools across its various platforms that are designed to improve accessibility and efficiency to its customers. Although some have expressed criticism about Gemini, Google remains committed to the launch, and is in the process to integrate Gemini to Google Messages soon after its launch. Enhancements to accessibility include AI-generated image captions using the Lookout app, as well as the screen-reader support of Lens in Maps to aid visually impaired users navigate. 

Android users are now able to benefit from productivity enhancements using handwritten notes on documents with just one stylus or finger on Android devices. Updates to Fitbit application and Wear OS offer improved data collection and simple use of Google Wallet passes as well as transport directions – further evidence of Google’s commitment to improving the user experience across all devices and applications.


What is Mobile World Congress?

MWC Barcelona (formerly but still frequently called Mobile World Congress) is an annual trade fair focused on the field of mobile communications.

What new features did Google announce at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona?

Google has announced new features for various platforms which include Gemini for text generation, artificial intelligence-generated picture captions, improved accessibility features, improvements to productivity as well as improvements to Fitbit Wear OS and Wear OS.

When can users expect these new features and updates to roll out?

Google hasn’t provided any exact dates for the launch of these features. However, they’re expected to become slowly available over the next few weeks as well as months.