SeatGeek's new tools help resell tickets at the best price

SeatGeek’s new tools help resell tickets at the best price

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By Vivek Kumar

SeatGeek's new tools help resell tickets at the best price

SeatGeek’s new tools help resell tickets at the best price. It is introducing three new features that aim to streamline the ticket resale process for users. These include a tool to recommend the best price and automatic tags listing extra benefits (such as padded cushions or access to exclusive clubs) and the ability list multiple events simultaneously.

SeatGeek’s latest release, “Next Fan Up”, gives sports and music lovers access to tools that are used by venues, licensed sellers, and organizations.

SeatGeek will offer a variety of features, including those for the upcoming Major League Baseball Season, as well as NFL, NBA NHL, MLS, NASCAR and other SeatGeek partners events.

SeatGeek’s new Smart Price algorithm uses several machine-learning algorithms to track and automatically adjust ticket prices based on historical sales data of similar events, as well as other information such weather changes and seat locations, Serge Derby, SeatGeek senior product manager, told TechCrunch. A spokesperson for the company says that ticket prices could change if there is an injury to a player or if the song of a particular artist becomes viral.

SeatGeek has developed a proprietary tool that helps ticket resellers make a profit with no guesswork. Facebook Marketplace and eBay offer automated price suggestions.

This feature allows you to choose between three different selling options: sell faster for a lower price; sell slower at higher prices or sell with a more even pace. SeatGeek’s new tool is not a guarantee of a successful secondary market ticket sale, but it does make it easier for you to find the right buyer when the time comes. SeatGeek Smart Priced listings are only editable on the desktop version of SeatGeek.

You can disable this feature if you prefer to manually set the price. SeatGeek still will recommend the best possible price in an additional box below. The company charges a 10% fee to the seller.

Smart Pricing is available as a beta version for selected users and events. The platform will gradually introduce the feature to all users by 2024.

Seat Perks is a new feature that aims to enhance SeatGeek’s experience in selling tickets by automatically marking every seat with the special features included, thus making the ticket more appealing to buyers. You could, for example, link food and beverage credit to your ticket. Or you can gain access to the Delta Sky360 Club located at Citi Field. Some other perks are aisle or front row seats, accessibility and a view of the skyline.

SeatGeek’s Bulk Listing feature could prove controversial because it encourages people to purchase tickets in bulk to sell, which can ruin the experience for other customers. Reselling tickets can be a controversial practice, especially when resellers take advantage of the rising demand for tickets and limited availability to make a profit. Sometimes, it is understandable that fans who are unable to attend an event will want to resell their tickets at a higher price to make a little profit. SeatGeek allows customers to cancel their tickets up until 72 hours prior to the event. Resellers are not as bad as the sleazy ticket scalpers, who overcharge desperate fans for tickets.

According to the company, the new feature will save users time because they won’t have to create new listings. Bulk Listing can only be accessed via the desktop web browser at this time. In the next few weeks, it will be available on mobile devices.

In an announcement, Russ D’Souza, co-founder of Next Fan Up, stated that the goal was to simplify the ticket selling experience. SeatGeek has spent the past year reimagining how to sell tickets. We are now releasing a new set of features that will revolutionize the industry before the MLB season begins. The MLB is the sport with the most games in the US. Fans can now list, price and quickly sell their tickets to another fan.


How does SeatGeek’s new Smart Price algorithm work?

SeatGeek’s Smart Price uses machine learning to adjust ticket pricing based on historic sales data as well as additional factors such weather changes and seating locations.

What is SeatGeek’s Bulk Listing feature and how does it work?

SeatGeek Bulk Listing allows users to list multiple tickets at once without having to create new listings. This saves time and money for both the buyer and seller.

What are the three new features introduced by SeatGeek to simplify the ticket selling experience?

SeatGeek has added a tool for recommending the best price, automatic tags for listing additional benefits, and the capability to list multiple events simultaneously.

What is the fee charged by SeatGeek to the seller for using their platform?

SeatGeek charges a 10% fee to the seller for using their platform to sell tickets.