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E-Sim Fraud Jamtara, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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Hello folks,

Hope you people are doing fine. Today I am going to share with you the information of new kind of fraud that is E-Sim card fraud.

What is E-Sim ?

How E-Sim fraud works?

How can we save ourselves?

sim card
Physical Sim Card

Companies like iPhone, Samsung have E-Sim on there phone. E-sim is generally not supported by every phone. It only works on the phone in which E-Sim is already embedded.

physical sim can be easily converted to E-Sim. Here I am taking the example of Airtel. There is easy 3 steps process is there.

1.Message on 121

2. Scan the QR code from your mail.

3. Fill the Kyc Details and wait for sim activation.

E-sim fraud
E-sim fraud

For Fraud they first need the mobile number of the user who have internet banking enabled. Getting those number is not a big deal. They follow several methods like Random phone number generation or collect the data from digital marketer.

After getting the number will call and try to be pretends themselves as a customer care. After getting your trust they will ask you to message customer care and they will send you the message what need to be send to the customer care. As soon as you will send the message, you will get QR code.

They will ask you to send QR code, These process vary as they convinced you. As soon as they get the QR code they scan that QR code from their phone and Now they will ask you KYC details, either they will tell you to download other third party app to upload or tell you to mail the details. After few hours your sim will deactivate and they will have the new sim and all the OTP which should come to you will go to them.

Isn’t it Dangerous. Yes many people victims of these frauds.

How can we save ourselves?

Do not share any OTP, password, personal details and KYC details.

Do not download any third party tools for updating the KYC.

If have any doubt directly visit to bank and service center for details.

Do not afraid from phone calls and be patience, ask from family and friends in case of any doubt.

vivek sahu

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